The dashboard shows which features the team is making right now.

People from all disciplines look at the dashboard

Open a test environment per feature and click through the actual site or app you're developing.

Or go directly to code review on GitHub, discuss further direction, or see which projects need attention.

Check It! is a place where also non-technical team members can join

I can see the progress of all the features, even on the go. No need to dive into complex CI systems or needing to understand GitHub.

Saira — Product Owner

When I'm in a flow, it's so nice to share my work without being interrupted. And it is calmer having the functional discussion separate from the code review.

Jeff — Lead Developer

Not waiting for one of the developers having time for me, is the best. I can see the state of my design as it's being build, and give feedback directly.

Clare — Freelance Designer

Starting at €30/month

  • unlimited team members
  • first repository for free
  • extra repository for €20/month
  • try it out for free for 30 days


+31 6 57 157 653 or

Can I run any software stack?

Yep! We'll set a private server (VPS) just for your project. Anything needed can be installed there. We have pre-installed servers for common use cases.

What if I need more storage?

Each server starts with 10GB of storage, enough for most projects. I.e. if your project takes 100MB, you can run 100 active features at the same moment. You can always buy more space when you need more.

Check It!

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